Wedding´s ideas - Save the date video

by - lunes, julio 09, 2012

Hello everyone!  This is the season of weddings and I feel like sharing with you our "Save the Date" video. It wasn´t planned, it was was January 1st 2011, almost four months before our wedding and we were spending Holidays in Alicante. It was winter but the sun was shinning and suddenly we thought: Why not making a fun video for our wedding invitation? ( Actually it is always "his" ideas and I always agree....jajaja ) There are many ways that you can choose to make a "Save the Date video", in case you are thinking about making one, my advice is : be yourself and be original. I assure you we had so much fun while taking the pictures, writing in the sand, etc. And this is the result. I hope you enjoy it. 
In case you haven´t  seen it yet, this is the link to the post I made about my wedding  my wedding

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