A way to show love : Make a recipe

by - domingo, agosto 12, 2012

Some time ago I read in a book that there many ways to show love. I´m going to mention  just some of them:
1.Spending time with the person you want to show love. 
2.With words, telling him/her what he/she means to you.
3. Giving a special present to the love one, etc...You choose your favorite one.
 I think that one way to show love is to share, share something special. Sometimes I "show love" to others by making a special recipe. Something I made by myself, specially deserts, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, etc. I could go to a bakery store and buy cupcakes, but I really enjoy spending some time in my kitchen following my recipes and it is a delight to see the result when I open the oven and there it is: My homemade cake.
This was my last Sunday´s recipe: Pudding with chocolate chips. It is easy to, healthy because is homemade and it does´t take more than 15 minutes. I hope you can show your love to others the way you like most. And why not trying a new recipe this weekend?

Happy Sunday!

 200 gr flour
150 gr brown sugar
150 gr butter
4 eggs
1 teaspoon of vainilla
baking powder
chocolate chips ( as much as you like )


First : Melt the butter and add the sugar and mix it about 3 minutes.

Second : Add one egg at the time ant mix it.
Third : Add the rest of the ingredients ( the vainilla, the baking powder and the flour )

Fourth : add the chocolate chips.

And put it into the oven about 30 minutes.

I forgot to take a picture when I took out the pudding from the oven. But as you can see it was a success. You can add some ice cream and voila!

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  1. mmmmmmm it looks tasty,,,,,
    nosotras os traemos modelitos para bajar a la playa..

  2. Ha ha! Love this idea. Never let your man out the house hungry or horny! ;) Not my words!



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