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by - jueves, agosto 23, 2012

This is my home country. I was born in Argentina and I grew up there.
Argentina has a special place in my heart. I love my country. I pray for my country.

I think one of the most difficult thing  it is to describe with words what you see with your eyes, smell and feel. Words can´t describe. This happens to me when I want to talk about my country or any other place I visit. 
If you want to see, smell, feel "that special place" then GO to that place.

Today I´m not going to post lots of pictures of my country because I haven´t visited Argentina in a long time, but if I go I´ll try to catch every single detail to share them with you. It´s a promise.


mapa de Argentina

The "mate" is the National drink. It is like the coffee for other countries. It is something cultural.

If you go to Argentina you must visit one of the many saddlery stores and leather stores. I´m sure you will like it. My favorite one is capybara leather.

capybara leather wallet
Hand made capybara leather wallet.

pulsera argentina
Made by a friend of mine  in 2001.I still have it.

Candies from Argentina

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  1. Actualmente estoy en Colombia por laburo.

    Vi la foto del mate o los havanna...MENOS MAL QUE MAÑANA YA EMPRENDO LA VUELTA!!!

    Beso, Sebas

  2. I LOVE Argentina! I spent a few months there once (I was a background singer for Ricardo Montaner) and got to experience the whole country city by city - amazing place!


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