Planes para el fin de semana / Weekend plans

by - viernes, julio 06, 2012

Hello ladies! Here I leave some ideas for the weekend.I hope you like them.
Enjoy life, play games, spend time with family and friends, eat a lot of ice cream, do something you don´t usually do.


Hola chicas! Aquí les dejo algunas ideas para el fin de semana. Espero que les guste.
Disfrutar de la vida, pasar tiempo con la familia y amigos, comer muchísimo helado, hacer algo que no haces habitualmente.


We are going to enjoy it in August. Great idea for a present too.
Vamos a disfrutarla en Agosto.Idea genial para un regalo.
Shorts  (Tommy ) & T-shirt (Benetton)



My favourite argentinian  ice cream made in Madrid: Dolce Latte
Mi helado favorito es argentino y hecho en Madrid.

Shopping time. I already have the dress for my sister´s wedding
Tiempo de rebajas : Ya tengo el vestido para la boda de mi hermana.

Get the manicure & pedicure done
Manicura y pedicura.

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  1. ooo great gifts!!! kisses!!! what do you think if we follow each other? kisses

  2. Nice post !!

    Love the yellow polish !! :)

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time




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