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by - lunes, agosto 13, 2012

mapa de IKEA
IKEA map

This post is about airport affairs. Yes, because traveling by plane and taking long distance flights are sometimes a very complicated thing, with too much time spent waiting to check in, to pick up your lugagge, etc. I have some experience that I want to share with you guys. 

I hope this tips will help you :

1. Be very careful with your passport, ticket, money, etc.
2. Choose the right size hand luggage.
3. Put a mark or signal on it. I put a pink ribbon. It will help you to recognize easily your luggage.
4. Take some extra clothes just in case your luggage get lost. It happens!
5. Don´t forget to take with you a book to read, magazines, music, games, card or whatever you like to play.
6. Wear comfortable shoes and specially easy to take off shoes because your feet may swell.
7. It is very important  to have a scarf. Sometimes it get cold in the airplane.
8. Cosmetics and liquids must go in small sizes.
9. If you go to a country with different currency then make sure you have some pocket money to pay for a tax, bus, etc because sometimes it is more expensive to change money in the airports.
AND 10. Don´t leave your luggage unattended.

Enjoy your trip!

Pink ribbon.
maleta de ROXY
Handbag: ROXY

airport outfit
Airport outfit. Boot & t´shirt : ZARA. Jeans : LEVI´S 

Gum : Starbucks

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    nosotras combatimos el calor con un gazpachito fresquito


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