Add your face some brightness during fall season

by - sábado, octubre 20, 2012

Benefit FInding mr. bright
Complete brightening make up kit by Benefit
When we talk  about make up during fall & winter we get a little bit "dark", everything turns into brown, black and there is little about glitter and shiny colours. So, let´s add some brightness!!!
This small box is fabulous if you want to get  a complete brightening make up kit. I recommend every one of all the products it contains,  but if you want to get to know them first, it is ideal! It brings small amount of product and it is easy to carry with you.
I´ll give my humble opinion of every one.Keep reading below.

The first one is an all purpose corrector.It can be used under your eyes and all over your face.The colour number is 2 "medium", it goes just perfect with my skin colour, but you have to choose the right one for yours.

Erase paste
Erase Paste by Benefit

This is how it looks in my skin.

The second one is Posie Tint. It is a  beautiful pink. It can be used in the lips and the cheeks. I wanted to test   this product, so I tinted my hand ( like in the picture below) at night before going to bed, the next day washed my hands as usually and when I got to my work it was still there. It is long lasting.

Posie Tint

The third one is "Girls meets pearl". It can be used with you make up foundation. Add a some drops of this product to you make up foundation and use it in all over your face.

Girls meets pearl

The last one is  "High Beam" and it gives the final touch to your make up. It is ideal to illuminate some areas like cheeks, around your eyes.

High Beam by Benefit
High Beam by Benefit

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