Christmas is around the corner

by - lunes, noviembre 05, 2012

Christmas season is almost here, less than one month and our homes and cities will be filled with lights, gold, green & red decoration. It is the most special season of the year for me. Today I´m posting some pictures of last year Christmas decoration details.

Enjoy the decoration time, specially if you have kids at home!


white wood christmas tree
White wooden Christmas tree. Pórtico store
Small tree. Pórtico store.
Red Cinnamon candle : Zara Home

Angel. Zara Home
christmas heart
Heart: Zara Home
Candleholder: Pórtico store.  Red Candle: A Loja do Gato Preto
Christmas heart: Pórtico store
Santa "spoon support" , a present from a friend, Carolina.
"Dress" your front door. =)
Christmas chocolate
Glass jar: Pórtico store.

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