How I wrapped Christmas presents

by - viernes, noviembre 02, 2012

Hello guys! I am already thinking of this year Christmas presents, yes! I love Christmas, not only because of the presents, of course, it is a time of the year when we can stop and think, spend time with our families, thank God for all his blessings, decorate our houses, call friends, and most of all SHARE, because "to share is to show LOVE". 
I love presents, I enjoy giving presents and receiving them too. And I think the way a present is wrapped shows in some way the you have dedicated some time to prepare it for that special person.
Last year I wrapped the presents with gift wrap that I can´t remember where I got it =( , but that is not the important part, I added one candy to each one and tied them.And voila!!

Have a nice weekend!

Christmas wrapping

Candy wrapping

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